Booking and cancellation terms and conditions 



The reserved rooms that the customer undertakes to occupy are at his disposal from 13:00 on the day of arrival to 10:00 on the day of departure, respectively indicated in the reservation, unless otherwise agreed.
The customer who booked the rooms is expected until 18:00 on the day of arrival, if his reservation was made without a deposit. If, on the other hand, the reservation is with a deposit, it will be waited until 10:00 the following day. After the aforementioned terms, in the absence of arrival or communication from the customer, the hotelier has the right to dispose of the rooms.


Reservations with deposit

Upon booking, the payment of a deposit will be required upon receipt of which the Hotel Melograno will send, in writing, the booking confirmation specifying the terms of the contract (date of arrival, date of departure, conditions reserved for the customer and cost of the living room).
The booking confirmation that Hotel Melograno sends to the client is binding for both parties and establishes the drawing up of the booking contract with options.
The customer loses the deposit when he does not follow up on the reservation and therefore does not show up at the hotel to occupy the premises that had been assigned to him.
In the event of delayed arrival with respect to the date indicated in the booking, the customer is required to pay the total amount of the booked services that have been reserved for him.

In the event of termination of the contract by the customer before arrival, the following clauses apply:

 In case of cancellation communicated at least 30 days before the arrival date for the stay, the deposit will be fully refunded;

 In case of cancellation communicated at least 7 days in advance of the expected arrival date, the deposit can be recovered by the customer within the calendar year from the cancellation, agreeing with the owner of the accommodation another stay or a lunch or dinner at the hotel restaurant;

 For cancellations communicated later, the deposit will be entirely withheld;

 In case of early departure, the cost of the room will be charged for all the days booked and not used.

If the customer arrives late he is required to pay the cost of the room for the days booked even if not used. When the customer's stay was less than the one booked, the hotelier can cancel any concessions granted and, if the stay was less than three days, demand payment for the services performed based on the prices on the card.



The bill must be cleared upon check-out. The means of payment accepted by the hotel are:

 by cash;

 by check;

  by credit card;

 by cash card;


Services not consumed in the hotel

If full board or half board is agreed, no reimbursement or compensation will be granted for services not consumed in the hotel. A "packed lunch" may be requested instead of lunch or dinner.


Meals included in the board

Except for special agreements, for meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner are meant, with the exception of drinks and anything that is not included in the list of the day.
The hotelier is not required to provide meals outside the scheduled times and premises, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.
Half board includes breakfast and dinner, excluding tourist tax.
The price of hospitality services includes the use of the equipment and ordinary amenities of the rooms, as well as the general services of the accommodation facility, taxes and services included.
The services and equipment that the customer can request to use optionally constitute extra services and equipment and give rise to an application of an additional price.
As a rule, they constitute extras:

 the consumption of bar and mini-bar products;

 meals not included in the board and half board;

 restaurant extras not included in the menu of the day;

 breakfast if not included in the price of the overnight stay;


  phone calls;


Food and drinks brought by the customer

It is forbidden to consume food and drinks brought by the customer in the common areas of the hotel.


Various prohibitions

It is forbidden to use irons, hairdryers and equipment for cooking food of any kind brought by the customer.
It is forbidden to throw waste in the sink and other toilets.
Smoking is prohibited both in the common areas and in the hotel rooms.


Abnormal noises

The hotel management may request the cessation or attenuation of abnormal noises that may disturb customers, including those deriving from the use of radios, televisions or musical instruments.
The customer is required to adhere to the invitation addressed to him.



The customer cannot bring animals to the hotel, unless previously agreed with the management, which has the right to consent by determining the methods.


Infringement of morality

Any infringement of morality entitles the hotelier to withdraw from the current contract.


People not staying in the hotel

The customer is not entitled to allow people not staying in the hotel to access his / her room, unless explicitly consented by the management and subject to the issue of an identity document of the guest.